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The company BRANKO PILOT was founded with private capital in 1997.

The company's chief activity is harbour pilotage in Šibenik port and other ports in the area under the Harbour Authority of Šibenik, as well as coastal pilotage in the territorial waters of Croatia in the area of domestic sea and territorial waters to the boundary of harbour pilotage and applying to ships carrying dangerous liquid chemicals, i.e. liquified gases, subject to Maritime Code of Republic of Croatia, 2 nd February, 1994.

This company, based on state concession and approval of Croatian Ministry of Transport and Communications, is the only company qualified and authorized for pilotage in the area of the Harbour Authority of Šibenik.

Peljarski brod
The company's additional activities are tourism and renting of vessels. Today, BRANKO PILOT has three employees working as pilots.

EMPAUdruzenje pomorskih peljara Hrvatske

Company BRANKO PILOT is a member of Croatian association of pilots and European association of pilots - EMPA.

The pilot office is located exactly 0,3 nautical miles from the inside pilot station of Šibenik port on the address Vila Iris, Yacht Marina Solaris, Šibenik.

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