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Luka Sibenik
Luka Sibenik

Šibenik (approximately 56.000 inhabitants) is a big and one of the oldest and best protected ports on the Croatian side of the Adriatic Sea (43° 44' N, 15° 53' E). It is situated in the sunken mouth of river Krka, which in its length of 75 km and its pothole altitude of 360 m forms a unique nature reserve.

The port is naturally sheltered from waves and winds. It can be reached through the Sv. Ante Strait (2.700 m long and 120-300 m wide), which enables unobstructed navigation of ships up to 50.000 DWT. The port is 10 m long, 300-1200 m wide and 8-40 m deep.

Weather conditions: northeastern and south winds blow with gale force. Northeastern wind is strongest in the northwestern part of the port and weakest on the stretch of coast from the cathedral to the pier Gat Krk. South wind causes high and short waves.

Sea currents: in the area south west of the entrance to the Sv. Ante Strait an outgoing current of the speed of 0,5 knots prevails when river Krka has a low inflow and up to 3 knots when river Krka has a high inflow. In the area southwest from the entrance into the Sv. Ante Strait the currents are weak and have the speed of 0,4 knots. When a south gale blows the speed of NW current along the northeastern coast is 0,5 knots.

Sea level: average amplitudes of tides range from 0,2 - 0,4 m. Gales that blow during long periods of time and abundant precipitation can raise the sea level up to 1,0 m (cyclonic south wind) and lower it to 0,4 m (anticyclonic north eastern wind).

Density of water: on the surface layer (1-3 m of depth) density ranges from 1.010,0 kg/m3 (during a high inflow from river Krka) to 1.025,0 kg/m3 (during a dry spell). In water deeper than 1-3 m density ranges from 1.023,0 - 1.028,0 kg/m3.

Anchorage: anchoring is possible in case of emergency with the permission from the Harbour Authority. It is best to anchor WSW and SSW from the cathedral.

Pier of Šibenik port (plan of the location):

Gat Vrulje
Obala Rogac

• on the north eastern coast of cove Vurnaža is the operative coast
of 312m of length and 5-8 m of depth (company Luka drvo).

• on the northern part of cove Klobučac is the operative coast
Rogač, which is 420 m long and 8-10 m deep (company  Luka Šibenik).

• on the north coast of cove Dobrika is pier Vrulje (in the shape of  trapezium), with operative coast which is 113 m long and 7,2 m deep along the main part of the pier and   with the operative coast which is 132 m long and 9 m deep along the south eastern side of the pier and   with the operative coast that is 101 m long and 7 m deep along the north western side of the pier   (company Luka Šibenik).

• from pier Vrulje to he bottom of cove Dobrika operative coast is 240 m long and 10 m deep (company Luka Šibenik).

Obala Dobrika Gat Vrulje Obala Rogac

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