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  Address: Put kroz Meterize 41
    22000 ŠIBENIK
  Tel/Fax: ++ 385 22 354 277
  e-mail:  info@branko-pilot.hr

  Address: Yacht Marina Solaris
    Vila Iris
    22000 ŠIBENIK
  Tel/Fax: ++ 385 22 354 277
    ++ 385 22 354 377
    ++ 385 22 354 278
    ++ 385 22 354 378
  GSM ++ 385 98 266 779
    ++ 385 98 336 067
  e-mail:  info@branko-pilot.hr

Pilotski ured

  Pilot Office 24 hours - NON STOP
  Main channel VHF 12
  Reserve channel VHF 9



 • Announcements of pilotage - ordering pilots • 

Information and communications:
. arriving ships have to give prior notification of their arrival via their marine agent at least 48 hours in advance.
. 24 hours in advance a ship has to confirm the arrival via its agent (ETA - estimated time of arrival).
. At least 2 hours in advance, a ship has to confirm the exact time of arrival to the pilot station of Šibenik port directly via VHF channel 12.

Communications for ships in the anchorage of Šibenik port:

. If a ship is at anchor in the anchorage of Šibenik port, its radio station has to be set to VHF channel 12 during the time spent there in order to communicate directly with the pilot.

Communications for ships that are putting out or leaving the dock:

. Ships that are putting out of Šibenik port or leaving the dock have to announce their departure from the port or from the dock at least 2 hors in advance via their agent.

Communications for changing announcements or postponing the ordering of:

. All types of information in connection with announcement or postponement of ordering pilots have to be communicated to pilot office via agents or via VHF channel 12. Diregard of these instructions can result in delay

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