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Sibenik area
Šibenik area stretches southeast of the island of Pašman and Kornati archipelago to the cape of Ploče which is a continuation of sea routes from the Srednji kanal Strait and the Pašman Strait across the sea of Murter to the ports of Šibenik area. From the sea of Murter one sails in southeast direction through the straits Žirjanski kanal, Kakanski kanal, Kaprijski kanal, Zmajanski kanal, Zlarinski kanal and Šibenski kanal and further on from the cape of Ploče towards the Split area.

When sailing from open sea, this area can be reached through the passage Samogradska vrata (situated between the southern part of Kornati archipelago and the island of Žirje) and from the southern side, between the island of Žirje and the land coast.

Weather conditions: a gale force north eastern wind blows over the entire area causing great waves and billows with sea dust. A gale force south wind and SW wind cause great waves at sea, except in the lee. The NW wind and tramontana can cause great waves along the coastline between the cove of Grebaštica and the cape of Ploče . Fog can come down 2-5 days per year.

There are three passages to the Šibenik Strait : through Loguranska vrata towards the southern side of the island of Prvić ; through Šibenska vrata between the islands of Prvić and Zlarin and between the islands of Zlarin and Dvainka. The most frequently used passage is the one between the islands Prvić and Zlarin. When approaching the Šibenik Strait from south in the period when south winds blow, it is recommended that ships enter port through the passage between the islands of Zlarin and Dvainka.

The Šibenik harbour outside anchorage is situated 1-2 NM SE from the island of Zlarin and it is used in extremely bad weather.

The internal anchorage of Šibenik port is situated west of the island of Krapanj between the island of Drvenik and the hotel complex, Solaris, which is situated on land and it is marked by:

43° 40’ 30" N
15° 52’ 45" E
43° 41’ 25" N
15° 52’ 45" E
43° 40’ 40" N
15° 53’ 00" E
43° 40’ 00" N
15° 53’ 50" E
  Sea depth in the anchorage 24 m
Pilotska stanica i sidriste

Harbour pilotage in the area of Šibenik port, the port where pilotage is compulsory and where the Harbour Authority of Šibenik regulates the boundaries of compulsory pilotage and time and place of embarkation/disembarkation of the pilot. Pilotage in Šibenik port is done 24 hours a day. The place of embarkation/disembarkation of the pilot is the pilot station 0,5 NM N from Drvenik lighthouse on the island of Drvenik .

Pilot Branko Kovacev
The position of the inside pilot station

  width 43° 41’ 30" N
  length 15° 52’ 18" E

Coastal pilotage is done in order to enter Šibenik port, which is open for international traffic from the position:

  width 43° 38’ 42" N
  length 15° 52’ 18" E

to the boundary of harbour pilotage .

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