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 • Passage to Šibenik port  • 

  1. The boundaries of the passage through the Sv. Ana Strait to Šibenik port are:
   - from the outside - the line linking the light on cape Jadrija with the light on Ročni shoal;
   - from the inside - the line linking the light on Paklena shoal with cape Martinska

  2. A ship over 50 GT and every ship with tow (regardless of the size and power of the       towboat and the boat that is being towed) can sail through the strait only if the
      Center for Supervision and Management gives an approval for the navigation through       the strait and a light signal that the ship can sail through the strait.

  3. A ship over 20.000 DWT can sail through the strait only with the help of two
      towboats and a ship over 10.000 DWT can sail through the strait only with the
      help of one towboat

  4. A ship that has to ask for permission to sail into the strait can do that via
      VHF channel 71 when:
      - entering Šibenik port - 10 minutes before the ship comes in front of the passage
         to the strait;
      - leaving Šibenik port - 10 minutes before loosening the last tie;
      - a ship that sails from a dock or some other place in the strait, also has to ask for         permission, via VHF channel 71, to continue sailing.

  5. If a ship has an accident while sailing through the strait and as a result cannot       continue sailing, it has to notify the Center, which will in turn notify the Harbour       Authority of Šibenik in order for them to take actions and/or give corresponding       instructions.

  6. The Center indicates that the ship can or cannot sail through the strait by giving a       light signal in the following way:
      - navigation through the strait is allowed day and night: a green light is constantly on         at both sides of the entrance to the strait: from outside - on the signal house of the         Center of the Jadrija building and from inside on cape Burnji Turan;
      - navigation is prohibited day and night: a red light is constantly on at the         aforementioned positions.

  7. The lights cover an angle of 100° from both sides of the entrance to the strait.
       When a ship is passing sideways of the lights, they cannot be seen in the strait
       and in that case the ship uses current lights of nautical signalization.

  8. The range of signal lights is approximately 1 M with double safety system of
       power-supply from the power grid and from battery, i.e. generator.

  9. Navigation through the strait is also considered prohibited when the lights are off.

 10. The order of ships passing, i.e. sailing through the strait is based on the time when       they asked for permission to sail. Croatian warships have the advantage in the
      order of sailing, as well as the ships that are doing regular routes with an announced
      order of sailing.

 11. A ship waiting for permission to sail through the strait cannot interfere with the       navigation of the ship that is entering or leaving the strait.

 12. While sailing though the strait, the ship cannot sail with the speed higher
       than 10 knots.

 13. Fishing boats can fish in the strait and its access passages only if their lights are       shaded and if they are not interfering with the navigation of ships. If a fishing boat is       interfering with navigation and decreasing the visibility of another ship in the strait
      with its lights, it has to move out of the way or turn off the fishing lights after a long       sound signal.

 14. Anchoring is forbidden in the strait and in front of the outside entrance to the strait,        on the area limited by:
      - parallels passing through the lights of Sv. Nikola and Roženik
      - the meridian passing through the light of Sv. Nikola
      - the meridian touching the extreme east point of the coast of the island of Lupac .

Kanal Sv. Ante - semaforsko svjetlo, izlaz iz kanala Kanal Sv. Ante - ulaz, iz SW, 1000 m Rt Jadrija - svjetionik i semaforsko svjetlo, ulaz u kanal Sv. Ante

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